4 Important Things You Probably Don't Think About When Looking For A New Roommate (..but should!)

4 Important Things You Probably Don't Think About When Looking For A New Roommate (..but should!)

When looking for a roommate you probably consider the obvious factors like the person’s job, personality and lifestyle. But there’s a lot more to weigh in before signing on the dotted line together. Here’s 4 important things you don’t want to overlook in your search.

1.) Finances

I know you’re probably thinking this one’s too obvious. And it is. Making sure your roommate can pay the rent and cable on time is definitely important, but there’s also hidden costs that can sneak up and create problems. Will you split the cost of furniture? How about the television or coffee machine? Are you going to pretend that your roommate eating all of your expensive groceries doesn’t bother you forever?


2.) Furniture and Decor

Part of the experience of living in your own space is to furnish it in a way that reflects your style. That might be a problem if you’re strictly a modernist but your roommate likes all things vintage. Are you willing to compromise your preferences? Is your roommate? Consider this before it’s too late and you’re stuck with a medieval painting you hate hanging in your living room and a roommate who refuses to take it down.


3.) Personal Space

Being aware of how much time you and your roommate will be spending in the actual apartment is an extremely underrated factor in the search process. If you like having the apartment to yourself from time to time, you’ll be miserable with a roommate who works from home and doesn’t have much of a social life. If your schedules line up so that you’re both in the apartment at the same time, all the time, you’ll get sick of each other.


4.) Environmental Preferences

When you’re at home, you obviously want to be comfortable, as does your roommate.That’s where the seemingly miniscule disagreements become huge deal breakers. If you’re someone who’s always cold,  you’re going to have a hard time living with a roommate that runs warm. Passive-aggressively changing the thermostat back and forth won’t solve anything and comfort will become a foreign concept. Same thing with cleanliness-- if dishes in the sink is your pet peeve, make sure your roommates on board with the same chores.

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