Cozily Gives

Cozily Gives

Cozily Gives is a movement that represents the core of Cozily. We’re not just here to sell furniture.  We're here to bring joy and peace into customers’ lives and in our community. We've thrived because of a common drive to learn, express ideas and create something that can help others. We believe that supporting these opportunities is deeply-rooted to who we are, and we want to support other organizations committed to the same goal.



"The Cozily Gives campaign offered me an opportunity to support to my Alma mater, Rutgers University. It was during my undergrad that I truly developed the skills and confidence to be successful, so I'm proud and excited to give back. It's very rare to find an interior design company that is dedicated to helping surrounding communities and truly values the importance of learning and creating. I give back with Cozily because I want Rutgers to continue aiding in the success of young adults. I give back with Cozily because, as a financial aid recipient myself, I know how difficult it is to pay for college. I give back with Cozily because above all, I love Rutgers and I want to support the community that's given me so much."
- Nicole Mogar







Starting July 11th, selected organizations can receive a $25 donation when customers spend $250 or more at Cozily. Customers can direct the donation to a specific organization using a set promo code. For purchases made without a promo code, donations will go to Arts and Education initiatives. Continue to check out our blog for more stories about the organizations we fund.


Why are YOU inspired to give back to your school or community organization? Let us know your story and you could be featured on our blog!

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